July 27, 2023


Connectcall Solutions is a leading company in the field of communication and online meetings, founded by business owner Jay C. Olmstead. With its headquarters at 113 Horner Street, Wooster, OH, we are proud to have built a strong mission vision to bring an effective connection and communication to businesses and organizations.

Our vision is to become a reliable partner and advanced solution for all communication and online meetings. We are committed to providing the most reliable, reliable and advanced solutions to improve performance and flexibility in the work of customers.

With our mission, we aim to create an unlimited connection environment, where people can access leading communication tools and services. By taking advantage of advanced and creative technologies, we help businesses overcome space and time barriers, create favorable conditions for cooperation, exchange of ideas and decision making.

Customers can contact us via phone number 330-960-6386 or send email directly to business owner Jay C. Olmstead at [email protected]. For more information about our services and products, please visit the official website at https://amos-oz.com/.

Connectcall Solutions always put customers’ interests first and committed to bringing effective, reliable and reliable communication solutions to meet the needs of customers. With continuous passion and effort, we look forward to contributing to the success of our customers and building a sustainable partnership.