If A Guy Is Gaining Weight What Does It Mean 101 Ways To Tell If He Is Right For You – A True Checklist That Will Show You If He’s The One!

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101 Ways To Tell If He Is Right For You – A True Checklist That Will Show You If He’s The One!

Not sure if this guy is right for you? Is it hard to tell if he is really meant to be with you? Can’t figure out if this guy is the type that will give you everything you want? Don’t know if this man has everything that he should to be right for you?

If you want to know if a man is right for you, all you have to do is look at the things he says and does from a relationship and fulfillment standpoint.

What this means is that you should be looking to see if his actions are geared toward himself (selfishness, personal gain, usury etc.) or if they are geared toward the relationship (caring for you, helping you, working toward commitment etc.).

Not only this, but you should also look to see if he is ACTUALLY fulfilling you, which you can find out by looking at how he responds to you, and also by how you FEEL when he does certain things.

For instance, if you FEEL bad most of the time, or always feel like you have to TELL him to do things, then clearly he is not fulfilling you…and then you should assess if you are simply wasting your time with the guy.

There are of course plenty more examples where that came from that can show you if a man is right for you or not, in fact, here are 101 ways to tell if he is right for you:

#1. He doesn’t blow you offDoes he always use the excuse of being “busy” as a reason not to be around you? If so, he’s blowing you off and basically isn’t interested. BUT, if he still makes time for you even though he’s busy, he’s a catch!

#2. He doesn’t make excusesExcuses are a justification for him to not to bother, not please you, and not improve.A man who makes excuses is the kind who is covering up the fact that he simply doesn’t care enough.

#3. He listens to criticismNo man likes to be told what to do, BUT, if you have a valid point and a suggestion that will help him improve, he WOULD listen to it if he values what you say.If he doesn’t ever listen, it means he simply doesn’t care about your opinion, feelings, or thoughts.

#4. He doesn’t judge youYou can tell him something that you aren’t proud of, or a mistake you made in the past… and he won’t judge you or hold it against you, even if he disagrees with what you did, he won’t throw that in your face.

#5. He includes you in his lifeHe makes you a part of his work, or tries to include you in his projects.He asks for your input on projects or things he is working on, and includes you in his life.

#6. He asks your permissionIf he isn’t sure that you will like him doing a certain thing, he’ll ask your permission first, to make sure it’s alright with you.

#7. He worries about youIf you have a problem, he worries and hopes that you will be fine.Or if you don’t call for a long time on accident, he worries that you are fine. This means he cares for your well-being.

#8. He tells the truth even if it hurtsHe’s honest with you, even if that means you will be hurt, and even if that means that he will be hurt too.An honest man is one who values your trust, so he would never jeopardize it by lying.

#9. He surprises youHe does something for you, that you weren’t expecting, but loved…because he tunes into your desires and wants, and knows what he can do to surprise you, and excite you, and makes efforts to do just that, and may even do something completely unpredictable just to accomplish it.

#10. He listens when you need to ventEven if it’s something he has no idea about, or something unrelated to him, he listens to you and lets you vent to him so that you can feel less stressed.

#11. He apologizes without you having to askHe knows when he has hurt you or has done something wrong, and apologizes for it. If you have to always force a guy to apologize, it means he will always blame you, because he’s not willing to “be” wrong EVER.

#12. He wants to know about your friendsHe wants to know who you hang out with, what they are like, and everything else…because he wants to get to know the people you respect, the people who make you laugh, and the people who you find to be interesting.

#13. He respects youThis means that he holds you in esteem, and would never talk about you behind your back, and would never put you down to anyone else.It also means that he respects everything you hold in esteem as well…even if he doesn’t agree with it all, he still gives you respect.

#14. He pulls through for youWhen you need him the most, he’s there.He always pulls through for the things and times that are most important to you.

#15. He can agree to disagreeInstead of just wanting everything his way and rejecting you if you don’t take his opinion, he respects the fact that you disagree, and agrees to disagree…rather than trying to force you to take his side.

#16. He learns from his mistakesIf he hurts you, he learns from it and avoids making the same mistake in the future, because he cares about you and doesn’t want to hurt you.

#17. He introduces you to his familyHe tells his family about you, and talks about how impressed and interested he is with you, to try and get them to like you as well.He also tries to make you a part of his family.

#18. He is comfortable talking about commitmentHe isn’t afraid to talk a about a long-term relationship, or even marriage. He doesn’t mind talking about commitment either.

#19. He trusts youHe doesn’t question you if you want to go out, or if you want to do something.Instead, he supports you; because he trusts you, and gives you space to do your own thing.

#20. He knows what makes you laughHe has your sense of humor down pact, and knows exactly what to say to bring a beaming smile onto your face; to the extent that even if you are upset, he just has to say something and you’ll be giggling or smiling.

#21. He understands youHe “gets” you, and knows why you act the way you do, why you say what you say, why you think the way you do, why you feel as you do etc…He knows you in and out, and can sometimes predict what you will do, even without you telling him…and you never really have to explain yourself to him.

#22. He confides in youHe trusts you with his most intimate and personal secrets, and believes that you can keep them, and won’t abuse the knowledge.

#23. He’ll drop everything just to do something with youIf there’s a time that you really need him, or want to do something…he may stop everything he is doing just to see you become happy.

#24. He gives you space when you need itHe doesn’t blame you for needing space, and will gladly give you time alone whenever you want, so that you can sort things out, or just so that you can have a moment alone.

#25. He makes you a regular part of his lifeYou’re a routine in his life…whether it’s calling you daily, or seeing you every other day etc… or if it’s spending an hour together watching something…he has a routine specifically for you, so that you can always be a part of his life: he wants you to be constant.

#26. He is extremely patientHe endures trying circumstances without lashing out at you, without blaming you, and remains calm to give you a good environment to change and improve.

#27. He encourages youIf you tell him about something that interests you, or a new dream, or even a life goal…his very first response is to tell you to go do it, and to encourage following through with it.

#28. He keeps his promisesHe knows that you have expectations, and doesn’t want to disappoint you or let you down, so he always keeps his promises, because he knows they are important to you.

#29. He can make you feel betterWhen you are in a bad mood, you can come to him and he can make you feel better, and knows how to comfort you.

#30. He prioritizes youHe doesn’t place everything else above you, and instead places you above other things. I.E: he thinks you are the most important thing.

#31. He protects youHe always tries to keep you out of harm’s way, and that you are safe. He tries to ensure that nothing can harm you and tries to ensure you are healthy and fine emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically.

#32. He asks you what you wantIf he’s unsure about what you want, because you may be confused or might not be clear…he’ll ask you so that he can try and give you what you need.

#33. He remembers important thingsHe pays attention and makes an effort to remember things you’ve said that are important to you, and days that you think are significant, alongside remembering things like your anniversary, and birthday etc.

#34. He forgives youNo one is perfect, but he doesn’t hold every mistake you make against you, and instead has the capacity to forgive you and move on.

#35. He tells you his problems He lets you know what is bothering him, and what’s going on;instead of leaving you out in the dark to guess. He goes to you, to let you know when something is wrong or when he is struggling with a challenge.

#36. He compliments youHe tells you what he likes, and doesn’t have a problem telling you how much you impress him, how amazing some of your talents are, how good you are at something etc…

#37. He appreciates youHe understands everything that you offer him, and doesn’t take it for granted.He lets you know just how much he appreciates you by telling you, and by doing things for you in return.

#38. He doesn’t lose interestHe still thinks there is more to know about you, more to discover, and he still loves everything you do together, and everything you talk about etc… because his interest in you doesn’t die out.

#39. He is comfortable with youHe doesn’t mind being himself around you, and doesn’t feel embarrassed about anything.Generally, he feels extremely comfortable around you, and considers you to be his comfort zone.

#40. He thinks about you all the timeHe can’t keep his mind off of you, and even if he was only gone for a few hours, he thinks about you and may call, email, or text message you in between just to check up.

#41. He makes accommodations for youIf he knows something would make you uncomfortable, he makes adjustments so that it can become comfortable for you. He doesn’t mind adjusting his life around to make things mutual or to help you settle.

#42. He never grows tired of your looksHe still thinks you are stunning, and you catch him staring at you from time to time.He checks you out still and compliments you on how you look.

#43. He tries to impress youHe still tries to impress you, and tries to maintain your esteem in him.He wants you to feel surprised and interested, and genuinely wants you to still think he’s a great catch, because he wants you to be happy with the fact that you chose him.

#44. He tries to help you improveHe encourages you to be better, when he sees you slipping, or when he notices that your behavior may be destructive.His only criticisms are constructive and helpful ones, because he wants to see you being your best self.

#45. He isn’t afraid to tell you how he feelsHe’s not afraid of his emotions and can open up to you about how he feels, about himself, you, your relationship and everything.This means that he can tell you if he loves you, and he can also tell you if he is scared or upset etc.

#46. He enjoys the silent moments togetherHe loves it when you sit alone together and don’t say anything at all…because he feels that comfortable and happy around you, that nothing has to be said…because it’s being felt instead.

#47. He’ll stay up late with youHe doesn’t mind staying up late with you to talk or just enjoy each other’s company…and he still stays up late with you, even after you’ve been together a long time, which shows that he’s actually committed to you and that he doesn’t take you for granted.

#48. He pleases you before himself in bedHe doesn’t mind foreplay, and makes an effort to please you before himself when you are sexually intimate. He also experiments to find out what feels the best for you. This also means that he isn’t pushy with sex, and doesn’t force it upon you when you aren’t in the mood.

#49. He waits for youIf you are not ready for something, if you aren’t ready to talk about something, if you need time to change etc., he waits for you.He lets you open up in your own time, without pressuring you to do it before you are ready.

#50. He takes his timeHe doesn’t rush things, so that when they actually happen, both of you are happy with the results.

#51. He pampers youHe makes sure you are well taken care of, and even goes well beyond what you expect to ensure you are no less than extremely happy with what you get from him.

#52. He has things in common with youYou share beliefs, morals, ideas, dreams etc… to an extent where both of you can feel comfortable together on the basis your common ground, and don’t disagree too often.

#53. He takes an interest in your interestsHe tries to learn about your hobbies and interests, and may even try doing them with you, to show you that he is interested in you and the things that interest you.

#54. He doesn’t have doubts about youHe is sure that he wants to be with you, he is sure that he likes you, he is sure that he can trust you etc… In essence he doesn’t doubt you, and isn’t “unsure” about you on the important levels.

#55. He is loyalYou don’t catch him checking out every other woman he sees, and he doesn’t flirt with other women. He keeps his other relationships strictly plutonic and only wants to be with you.

#56. He accepts youHe doesn’t try to make you let go of the things that are most important to you, and you don’t have to compromise who you are as a person. He doesn’t try to change every little thing about you, and instead accepts you.

#57. His actions match his wordsThere aren’t discrepancies between his words and actions…he does what he says he will do, and he says what he does. This means that he is genuine.

#58. He is proud to be with youHe flaunts you, and loves to parade you around, because he feels like you are the ultimate catch. He loves to introduce you to people as his woman, and always feels great to have you by his side.

#59. He doesn’t make you feel guiltyIf you spend his money, he doesn’t ask you what you spent it on and doesn’t argue about it…and if you eat something sweet, he doesn’t make you feel guilty about gaining weight etc… Instead, he is comfortable with your choices.

#60. He makes sacrifices for youThis means that he chooses you over something else, to the point where he may have to forfeit the other thing;BUT he doesn’t mind doing it, if that improves the relationship.

#61. He treats his family and friends wellHow he treats those who have been around the longest (long time friends, and family members) is important, because it’s a signal of how he will treat you.A man who treats his family and friends in high esteem, and who keeps his relationships in good health is one who will do the same for you/with you.

#62. He wants detailsHe’s not satisfied with the “general” version of you, and instead wants to know every little detail…and is happiest when you are telling him everything about yourself…even after a long time of being together.

#63. He takes responsibilityHe takes control of the important matters, and always handles them as best as he can. He takes responsibility for his own actions, and also for your well being, happiness, and fulfillment etc.

#64. He talks about the future with youHe wants to know if you want kids, what kind of home you would like to live in, what kinds of jobs you would work, what things you dream of, and he wants to know more than anything what kind of future you want together.

#65. He doesn’t get annoyed easilyIf you do act ‘annoying’ he finds it to be cute or attractive, and doesn’t get annoyed or frustrated with you easily.He’ll also let you annoy him on purpose, without losing his patience, because he knows it’s all in good fun.

#66. He wants to experience life with youHe talks about doing things together, going places, and generally experiencing life together for both the ups and downs…and he wants you to be there for it all.

#67. He doesn’t let other people influence how he feels about youHe doesn’t let anyone else decide for him how he should feel about you, especially if others don’t think you’re right for him…he brushes it aside and chooses for himself how he feels.

#68. He hurts when you hurtHe is so in tune with your feelings that he feels what you feel, and he hurts when you hurt. What makes you emotional also makes him emotional, and you are unanimous with your feelings together.

#69. His conversations with you grow deeperThe conversations rarely run dry, because they only get deeper and deeper. You can talk about anything with him and it will feel interesting and won’t feel shallow or dry.

#70. He manages his life wellOutside of the relationship, he manages his work, his money, his relationships, his time, his emotions etc…he manages his life well and his life is under control.

#71. He is confidentHe doesn’t let his insecurities run his life, and is confident around you.He feels the best when he is around you, and very assuring.

#72. His emotions are in checkHe is not afraid of his emotions, and can clearly identify and discuss them.He’s emotionally mature and can handle his emotions when they arise in a calm and collective fashion.

#73. He talks about the chemistry you have togetherThere’s just something about you, he can’t put his finger on it directly, but it draws him to you always.He just feels a constant pull toward you, a sort of “chemistry”.

#74. He makes you feel like you can do anythingYou start dreaming of things you never imagined possible, and you start to believe that anything can come true.He just makes you feel and truly believe that you can do anything; and as though you don’t have limits.

#75. He misses you when you are awayA sign that he appreciates you and understands your value to him, because he misses you and grows even closer to you when you spend time apart.

#76. He sticks up for youInstead of joking alongside people against you, he sticks up for you, and always takes your side against the opinions or ideas of others.If he finds out someone has hurt you, he immediately comes to your defense; or if someone tries to hurt you, while he’s present, he will defend you.

#77. He doesn’t try to control youHe lets you make decisions and choices for yourself, EVEN if he disagrees with it…he still allows you to do what you want. The only thing he does is try to encourage you to make good decisions, but he won’t get in the way of something you truly want to do, because he’s not trying to control you.

#78. He tells you about his plans before he tells anyone elseWhen he has an idea or thought coursing through his head that he wants to act on or make it come true, he tells you first, and gets your feedback.

#79. He looks to you for supportYou’re the person he comes to when he needs emotional support, feedback, encouragement, physical company etc… He relies on you to complete him, and he believes you’re his better half, and knows that you can always make him feel better.

#80. He tries to make everything stableHe doesn’t create unnecessary drama, and tries to ensure that your lives and the relationship are stable, so that if other things are not stable, you can still fall back onto the comfort of him and the relationship.

#81. He opens up more and more with timeInstead of growing distant or dry, he opens up more and more, and always has more to tell you, which in turn means he always has more to offer.

#82. He will initiate things in the relationship When it comes to commitments, he is the first to initiate them; such as moving in together, sharing your incomes, spending money on you, talking about long term goals, and popping the question (will you marry me). He initiates it, because he wants to be with you.

#83. He doesn’t expect you to entertain himHe can entertain him-self, and moreover he is already entertained by you naturally…and doesn’t ask you to entertain him or keep his attention, because he’s naturally drawn to you.

#84. He challenges youHe doesn’t just present the same old boring things, but instead challenges you in the relationship, in your life, with your attraction toward him, in your goals….in each thing he is always encouraging you to continue moving forward and to continue chasing after the things you want.

#85. He always tries to look attractive Even though he has you already, he doesn’t let himself go and doesn’t immediately stop trying to appear attractive to you.INSTEAD, he tries to appear more attractive, and you notice him trying to smell great, style his hair well, dress well etc… all for you.

#86. He handles pressure wellWhen things get heavy, he doesn’t take it out on you, and doesn’t sabotage the relationship to relieve the pressure. Instead, he handles the pressure well and still maintains the relationship, because you’re important to him.

#87. He wants to be a part of your familyHe wants to know who your relatives are, and wants to be a part of them, because he’s there for the long haul and wants to fit in and wants to meet their approval to help you feel more comfortable.

#88. He always comes backIf you do have a disagreement, and if he does take some time away, he will always come back. This means that he is in it for the long haul and isn’t going to leave you.

#89. He helps you overcome your fearsHe knows the things that scare you the most, and he helps you work through them so that you can handle life and the challenges that you face.

#90. He let’s you make decisions for himHe’s not afraid with the choices you make, which is why he will sometimes let you pick and decide something for him.It may be something for a project, something related to his style, or a decision on the house etc… But he lets you take control for the both of you, without worrying about what you will choose.

#91. He likes to cuddle He can sit with you and cuddle, without getting sexual…and loves to hold you and lay next to you. He doesn’t mind holding you tight next to him; because he loves the feeling of having you close beside him, and having an intimacy that goes beyond sex.

#92. He wants to do things as a coupleHe wants to try doing things that involve both of you as a couple outside of the privacy of being alone. For instance, he may want to find other couples and go out together in a couples date, or he may want to try couples dancing or anything that lets both of you work together in an activity.

#93. He makes decisions with you in mind If he gets a job promotion in another city, he won’t hastily make the decision if he knows that you may not be able to move with him; for example. Thus he makes decisions that keep you in mind.

#94. He can display his love regardless of where you areHe’s not embarrassed to show affection toward you, whether you are alone together, with friends, or are in public.

#95. He is sensitiveHe’s not completely oblivious to the attitudes, feelings, or even circumstances of others…and instead is perceptive to his surroundings. He’s not emotionally dry, and is quite in tune with his emotional side.

#96. He doesn’t make you settle for lessHe knows what your standards are and doesn’t try to convince you to take less, and doesn’t try to force you to accept something that clearly is beneath your expectations.

#97. He is consistently passionate and romanticSome men lose their romantic streak after they realize they have snagged a woman;while others will only INCREASE their passion once they have snagged a woman. A man who is truly into you would only feel increased passion and romanticism over time.

#98. He motivates youIt’s not easy to get up everyday and do certain things. We grow tired of them, bored with them, and simply start to despise some things; BUT if you find your man making efforts to motivate you to do the right things, to complete tasks on time, to continue on etc… he is a keeper.

#99. He corrects you when you are wrong It doesn’t mean that he’s trying to change you, but rather means that there is another way of understanding or viewing something, and he just wants you to be open to it…which a man will only do if he is truly invested in you. If he didn’t care about you, he wouldn’t bother.

#100. He’ll let you know if something is out of whack If your fly/zipper is undone, he’ll tell you. If your makeup is running, he’ll tell you. If your hair is messed up, he’ll tell you, so that you don’t become embarrassed, and because he genuinely doesn’t want to see you in an awkward position in public.

#101. He can let things go– He’s easygoing and is more than capable of letting things go for you, and for himself in the relationship so that both of you can move forward. He doesn’t bring things up from the past that you did, and he also is able to let go of things that you said but didn’t mean.

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