Day: July 5, 2019

Story About Amos Oz With The Rabbi Of Rivne

Four years in the past, Amos Oz struck up an unlikely friendship with the Chabad consultant to Rivne (Rovno), Ukraine. Oz’s mom, Fania Mussman, was from what had as soon as been a Polish city. The home that she had grown up in, described in Oz’s best promoting autobiographical novel, A Tale of Love and Darkness, had since become a tourist destination for Israeli followers and readers. Now the Rivne municipality needed to commemorate the Mussman household residence. Local authorities asked Rivne’s Chabad rabbi to collaborate with Oz’s kids on a textual content for the plaque of the landmark home. The author’s daughter, Fania Oz-Salzberger arrived from Israel to participate within the ceremony. Her father adopted the unveiling from Israel. Soon Oz would invite the Chabad consultant, himself an Israeli, to visit him in his Tel Aviv home. Despite their starkly antithetical orientations, a severe friendship developed via visits and weekly conversations of their native Hebrew. Because it occurs, Rivne’s Chabad consultant is named Shneur Zalman Schneerson.

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