This Is Review About The Book Once An Arafat Man

This Is Review About The Book Once An Arafat Man

All my articles and extracts from my numerous writings may be freely published, electronically or in print. If this text is published, please acknowledge the author and source. Craig is at the moment “working” on his latest manuscript – a “novel”, but a true story of transformation … from hatred to love within the cauldron of the Middle East titled ‘From Seeds of Hate to the Bond’s of Love’. Tass Saada is a former Muslim and a co-founder of ‘Hope for Ishmael’. Hope for Ishmael is a non-profit organization whose mission is to reconcile Arabs and Jews to God and each other via the gospel of Christ.

This Is Review About The Book Once An Arafat Man

About The Author Profile Named Saada

Saada was born in 1951 within the Gaza strip, and grew up in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. He was a PLO sniper and militant fighter. He labored directly for Arafat. In America, he converted to Christianity. “In a world where violence has turn into the day by day norm, wherein terrorism strikes second by second all over the world, Jesus Christ remains to be reworking lives, saving souls and calling individuals from all over the place to Himself. Once an Arafat Man’ is the story of one such miracle, Taysir Abu Saada (Tass).

This man was raised in the Muslim religion and served as a Fatah sniper educated to kill his Jewish enemy. Through a collection of very unusual, and yes, providential appointments, God saved the soul of Tass Saada. Much more great, Tass’ whole family was made a new creation in Christ, and Tass and his wife Karen have been called to minister to the Muslim individuals in Gaza – the place of his start. In my view, this guide in some of the highly effective testimonies of God’s superb grace and the miraculous modifications His forgiveness makes in the life of a believer.

I know I might be praying for Tass Saada – that he will proceed to achieve many more individuals for Christ. That is an incredible, encouraging book, and that i highly recommend it to everybody! The primary chapter of the ebook is accessible on the above internet site. “As Israeli assaults kill tons of in Gaza and echo the world over, maybe pushing another era of Palestinians in the direction of Islamist extremism, many may wish for a dose of what transformed Tass Saada.

Saada was as soon as a sniper for the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO), assigned to assassinate outstanding Israelis on a number of events. He fought within the 1968 battle of Karameh and passionately hated all Jews. Now he preaches peace and acceptance, works to arrange kindergartens in Gaza and the West Bank, and takes part in initiatives to get peculiar Palestinians and Israelis writer to speak to each other. What modified Saada, however, will to some appear less palatable. He is now a Christian missionary. Subscribing to an American brand of evangelical Protestantism, he says he has visions and premonitions, and hears the voice of God. ‘Before I knew it, I was on my knees … I lost all consciousness that Charlie was even in the room. A gentle came into my subject of vision – a speaking gentle. The sunshine said in an audible tone, ‘I am the way in which and the reality and the life.

No one comes to the father except through me.’ I didn’t know at that moment that these words had been a repetition of what Jesus said through the Last Supper.

This Is Review About The Book Once An Arafat Man

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